This article is about an integration with a third-party service or product. For more details, visit Segment’s help center.

You can now integrate with your Segment account in just a few steps! Once connected, you will be able to use Beamer as both a Source and a Destination with your Segment account.

How to use Beamer as a Destination.

As you send new calls to Segment, users will be created or updated in your Beamer account with the incoming data. This will help you get more detailed analytics and will allow you to create more precise segments to boost engagement on your posts.

  1. Sign into your Segment account.
  2. From your Destinations page click on Add Destination.
  3. Search for Beamer within the Destinations Catalog and confirm the Source you’d like to connect to.
  4. Drop in your Beamer API key into your Segment Settings UI.
  5. That’s it!

How to use Beamer as a Source.

As your users interact with your Beamer feed, new events will be sent to your Segment source, which you can connect with one or more destinations or data warehouses. Then you can use this data to analyze user engagement, create campaigns and much more!

  1. Sign into your Segment account.
  2. From your Sources page click on Add Source.
  3. Search for “Beamer” within the Sources Catalog and confirm.
  4. Choose the settings for your new Source, and then copy the Segment write key provided.
  5. Go to Integrations in your Beamer dashboard, and paste your write key in the Integrate with Segment section.
  6. Click on Save and that’s it!