How to enable multiple languages in Beamer

  1. In your Beamer Dashboard go to Settings > Languages.
  2. In languages you can click on the select box to pick a language you would like to enable. Then click on add to include it in the list.
  3. You can add as many different languages as you like.
  4. You can also set a default language by clicking on the arrow icon (next to the language’s name), or enable right-to-left text for languages that require it like Arabic or Hebrew.
  5. Remember to save your languages by clicking on the save button on the right.
  6. This list will enable the multiple languages for your Beamer feed and for your individual posts!

How to translate your Beamer feed

  1. Go to Settings > Language. Scroll down to find a general list of available translations for each of the enabled language. This translations will include phrases, call to actions and other translatable text.
  2. Sart translating!
  3. Remember that this will be different for each of the languages you included (as explained in the first section of this guide).
  4. When you are ready to launch don’t forget to press save translations.

How to translate individual posts

  1. Once you have enabled different languages (as explained in the first section of this guide) you’ll be able to translate individual posts.
  2. Each time you create or edit a post you’ll see a list of the available languages in the top of the editor.
  3. To add a translation to that post just click on the language you want to include and add content. You can translate directly from the other languages or even add specifically localized content that will be only accessible for that language.
  4. If a user has that language set in their browser they’ll get your translated feed and hence your translated post.
  5. Remember that if you don’t include a translation for a particular language that post will not be displayed in that language feed.
  6. If the language a user uses in their browser is not included in your list, the feed will display the language marked as default.