When two leading providers of no-code product adoption and user engagement solutions combine forces, the result is a consolidated toolkit that will change how product teams operate. Beamer and Userflow have merged to help SaaS teams unify their customer journeys with a complete toolkit that combines user communication and effective product guidance. 

Let’s dive in on how this alliance will supercharge product teams to drive product-led growth and boost user engagement and product adoption.

What is Userflow?

Userflow is a leading platform for SaaS companies to manage user onboarding, retention, and ongoing communication. The company has pioneered a builder for in-app onboarding, guides, and surveys, empowering SaaS businesses to increase conversion and retention. Now, these capabilities will complement Beamer’s tools for communicating product changes and collecting user feedback.

This merger comes with endless benefits for PLG teams, so keep reading! 👇

Empowering product-led growth (PLG)

With a shared mission to empower product-led companies, Beamer and Userflow will become the Swiss army knife for product-led organizations, offering a suite of tools that seamlessly work together to meet their diverse needs. 

By combining Beamer’s expertise in product communication and feedback with Userflow’s innovative no-code user onboarding and product adoption solutions, SaaS teams will be able to build products that users love to interact with. Revenue comes from building great products and this merger strives to offer a growth toolkit that can do just that.

Unified journeys for better user engagement and product adoption.

From pushing successful product launches to driving product adoption and ongoing user engagement, this complete toolkit will allow you to share updates with your existing customers while simultaneously charming users and prospects with guides that drive conversions and product adoption.

This unified approach not only strengthens customer relationships but also enhances conversion rates and reduces churn, setting the stage for sustainable growth.

Beamer and Userflow merger - SaaS

Direct communication channels.

With this combined toolkit, product teams can build a solid and direct line of communication with end-users. This two-way channel ensures that customer feedback is heard and acted upon promptly, leading to continuous product improvements and greater user satisfaction. 

By fostering transparent and responsive interactions, Beamer and Userflow empower organizations to stay agile and responsive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Seizing opportunities in a dynamic industry.

In this Golden Age of Product Management, the rapid pace of the SaaS industry, the increasing digital transformation initiatives, and evolving consumer expectations, have propelled the Product function into the spotlight. As demand for best-in-class software tools continues to rise, the merger between Beamer and Userflow signals a commitment to innovation and growth. 

With a shared vision for the future of product management, the combined toolkit is poised to lead the charge in shaping the next generation of digital experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned player in the SaaS arena or a newcomer looking to make your mark, the merger between Beamer and Userflow offers a compelling proposition for driving success in today’s competitive landscape.

Joining forces for a brighter future.

As Beamer and Userflow embark on this new chapter together, customers can expect increased investment in products and a seamless combination of the two platforms.

Beamer and Userflow
“We are thrilled to welcome Userflow to the Beamer team. The talent and innovation that Sebastian and Esben have displayed in building Userflow is tremendous, and their no-code builder for in-app onboarding experiences complements Beamer’s mission to help companies build better products.”Satya Ganni, CEO of Beamer

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Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your SaaS product? Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the possibilities of product-led growth. Visit Beamer and Userflow to learn more about how our merger can propel your organization forward.


  • What is Userflow?
    Userflow is a user onboarding software for building product tours, onboarding checklists, resource centers, AI assistants, and surveys tailored to your app and your users—no coding needed. With the fastest flow builder on the market, Userflow allows you to build highly sophisticated in-app content in a snap.
  • How will this affect existing Beamer customers?
    This will not affect Beamer’s current product experience at all. You can keep using Beamer the same way you are today.
  • I’m interested in trying Userflow – How can I try it?
    Go to https://userflow.com/ to sign up for a free trial. You can also view their on-demand demo or book a personal demo session here: https://userflow.com/demo.
  • Can I buy Beamer and Userflow together?
    We are currently working on integrating billing and account information to make it seamless to purchase together. For now, please go to getbeamer.com or userflow.com and reach out to a representative for more information. In the meantime, you can purchase the products separately.
  • Can I use Beamer and Userflow together?
    Absolutely! Beamer and Userflow can be used together today—in fact, there are over 200 companies already using both products within their applications to increase product adoption and engagement. For more information or best practices, please go to getbeamer.com or userflow.com and reach out to a representative.
  • Will you integrate Beamer and Userflow?
    We are working on a plan to deliver a consolidated toolkit to help companies drive product engagement and adoption. Stay tuned for more details soon.
  • What does this mean for the Beamer product roadmap?
    We just released Beamer Feedback on January 16, 2024, and are working on a number of improvements. Check out the Beamer Roadmap and leave your feedback.
  • How can I learn more?
    Visit www.getbeamer.com or email support@getbeamer.com to contact us for more information.