How to format the text in a post?

Basic formatting.

  1. While creating or editing a post, select any text.
  2. A tool menu will appear.
  3. Select the format you want to give to the text: bold (B), italic (I), underlined (U), secondary title (H2), tertiary title (H3), quote () or list ().
  4. Done! The text is formatted.

Add link.

  1. While creating or editing a post, in the post editor screen select any text.
  2. A tool menu will appear.
  3. Click on the insert link icon (link). Add the URL and click on the confirm button (done).
  4. That’s all!

How to add images or videos?

With Beamer you can add images (static and GIFs) and videos (from more than a 1000 different sources including YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and more). If you want to learn how, please read these short articles: