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How do you review or respond to Ideas and comments? 

When Ideas come in, you can organize and respond to them from a single place. This way, no Idea or comment falls through the cracks, and you can spend more time analyzing the feedback rather than managing it. You can also respond or get additional information from the same place. 

Note: All Ideas will be seen in the feed and all comments will be visible on the left panel under Inbox.

Here are the topics we will be covering in this article.

  • Where to see all of your Ideas 
  • Visibility of an Idea
  • Change the status of an Idea
  • View the comments and votes
  • Merge similar requests
  • Create an Idea on behalf of the customer 
  • Reply to the requestor to get additional information

Where to see all of your Ideas 

  • Log in to your Beamer account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for one here.
  • Go to Beamer Feedback.
  • All of your Ideas will be listed here in chronological order.

Visibility of an Idea 

You can control whether an Idea is visible in the Idea Portal and Public Roadmap or visible only internally. Some customers choose to hide certain Ideas to maintain a strategic competitive advantage or respond to an angry customer privately. 

You can learn more about how to change the visibility

Change the status of an Idea

  • In Beamer Feedback, you will see your Ideas.
  • Click on any Idea.
  • Change or view the status by clicking on the status tab on the right side of the Idea.

Create a custom status, by clicking on +ADD CUSTOM STATUS, adding the new status and pressing Enter. 

You can also filter all Ideas by their status. Go to the left panel and click on status.

Note: You can change the order of the status or hide a status. Click here to learn more

Viewing votes and replying to comments

Votes and comments are a great way to get early validation for an Idea. 

Here is how you can view votes and comments

  • In Beamer Feedback, you will see your Ideas.
  • Inside every Idea, you’ll see the number of votes in the right-side panel and comments at the bottom of that Idea
  • Click on the votes to view details of the users who have voted for that Idea.
  • All comments are shown at the bottom of each Idea.
  • You can respond to each comment privately and retain the context without leaving Beamer. Click on the backwards arrow symbol to reply.
  • You can learn more about using the Inbox here.

If you’d like to make a comment private:

  • Hit reply.
  • In the Inbox, click on Hide Comment.

Merge similar requests

Customers often ask for the same feature. Though this is great for validation, you’ll want to group them together so they can be analyzed more easily.

  • In Beamer Feedback, you will see your Ideas.
  • On the left side of each Idea, you will see an empty check box.
  • Select your main Idea first, and then select the other Idea(s) you’d like to merge it with.
  • Click on Merge button (+) in the Actions panel and click on Accept.

Note: Once merged, all the votes from similar Ideas will be merged to the original. This way, you will have a clear view of the most requested Ideas. 

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